Quick Answer: Who Presents Midlands Today?

Why is Dominic leaving East Midlands today?

Declan Wilson, head of TV and Online for BBC England, described Dominic as “a hugely talented broadcaster but also a gifted journalist”.

Dominic said he’s not giving up broadcasting entirely and hopes to explore new opportunities “away from the big red sofa”..

Is Dominic Heale leaving East Midlands today?

Broadcasting career On 19 October 2020, BBC East Midlands Today announced Heale was leaving his position after 20 years with his final broadcast taking place on 23 October 2020.

Who is Natalie Jackson married to?

AndrewMrs Jackson and her husband Andrew, who is originally from Hull, said they were initially “filled with panic” when they first saw the distinctive mark across her daughter’s face. Natalie was born on 9 January at Sanford USD Medical Centre in South Dakota in the US, where the family now live.

How old is Anne Diamond?

66 years (September 8, 1954)Anne Diamond/Age

How old is Nick Owens new wife?

BBC Midlands Today legend Nick Owen wed his long-term partner in a small church service at the weekend. The popular anchorman, 72, married reflexologist Vicki Beevers, 59, at St Mary the Virgin church in Enville, south Staffordshire.

Who is Nick Owens wife?

Jill Laverym. 1977Nick Owen/Wife

Has Anne Davies left East Midlands today?

Anne has been co-presenter of East Midlands Today since 2001, after leaving the breakfast programme GMTV. … Now in Nottingham, she fronts Children In Need, has hosted the BBC East Midlands Sports Awards and helped the programme win a Royal Television Society Award with her coverage of the Madeleine McCann story.

How tall is Anne Diamond?

1.63 mAnne Diamond/Height

Where is Nick Owen now?

Nick Owen resides in Kinver, southwestern Staffordshire with his wife.

Who presents East Midlands today?

Anne DaviesEast Midlands TodayPresented byAnne DaviesProductionProducerBBC East MidlandsRunning timeMain bulletin: 30 minutes9 more rows

Who is leaving Midlands today?

Dominic HealeFollowing his decision to leave, his co-presenter, Anne Davies, will continue as lead presenter. BBC East Midlands Today presenter Dominic Heale has decided to leave the regional news programme after two decades of service.

How old is Quentin Rayner?

Quentin Rayner, 58, a BBC East Midlands presenter, was stunned when he drew the curtains and discovered the patio doors of his home in Southwell covered in cracks.