Quick Answer: Who Can Make A Mash Referral?

When should I contact MASH team?

If there is an immediate safeguarding concern where a child is deemed at risk or has potentially suffered significant harm, the MASH team should be contacted immediately.

For example: Allegations/concerns that the child has been sexually/physically abused..

If the information is confidential, but there is a safeguarding concern, sharing it may be justified. … It is good practice to try to gain the person’s consent to share information. As long as it does not increase risk, practitioners should inform the person if they need to share their information without consent.

What happens when a referral is made to social services?

What happens when Children’s Services receive a referral? When information is received, by way of a referral, which indicates that there are concerns about the safety and well-being of a child, Children’s Services have 24 hours to decide what type of response is required.

How do I raise a safeguarding concern?

Anybody can raise a safeguarding concern, for example they might be a carer, a professional working with adults with care and support needs or somebody who thinks they have been abused. They can raise a concern by contacting adult social care help desk directly on 01452 426868.

How do you make a referral to children’s social care mash?

Referrals must be made in one of the following ways:By contacting the relevant Children’s Social Care office (See Local Contacts) (in Trafford, MARAT);In an emergency outside office hours, by contacting Children’s Social Care Out of Hours Service / Emergency Duty Team (See Local Contacts) or the Police;More items…

What happens after a mash referral?

The MASH will progress the contact to a referral and complete the MASH information sharing process (Stage 2). In all cases, Children’s Social Care will provide feedback to the referrer and the family when the outcome decision has been made. … A decision on all cases in Stage 1 must be made within 24 hours.

Can health visitors make referrals?

Even if your problem isn’t something a Health Visitor is qualified to advise on, they work in close partnership with other local healthcare providers and can offer referrals and make appointments with GPs, hospitals and specialist clinics. So don’t hesitate to speak to them about anything that’s bothering you.

Is Mash a social services?

About MASH The MASH is the county’s first point of contact for new safeguarding referrals and has significantly improved the sharing of information between agencies, helping to protect the most vulnerable children and adults from harm, neglect and abuse.

Can anyone make a safeguarding referral?

If you decide to make a referral you should do so as soon as possible with as much information as you can safely gather. … If there is an alleged perpetrator (someone accused of being responsible for the abuse or harm), any identifiable information including their name, known location or employment details.

How are referrals made?

In general referrals are made when there are concerns about a child’s development, their welfare, learning and when moving between service providers. Practitioners, parents, carers, the child or young person themself can make a referral, by phone, email or letter. Each referral must be followed up.

When should you make a safeguarding referral?

If a child is in immediate danger or is at risk of serious significant harm, the practitioner should contact the Police (999) and refer to MASH as soon as possible.

When can a child be examined by a doctor without consent?

Once children reach the age of 16, they can agree to examination or treatment just like adults. People providing health care do not then have to ask you for consent as well.

What steps should be followed when you first become aware of an abusive situation?

What to do if you think someone is at risk of abuseDo not confront the person you think is responsible for the abuse.Do not disturb or destroy anything that may be evidence.Do not start to investigate the situation.If the person is immediate danger, you should call the emergency services by dialling 999.

How do you make a mash referral?

Use the online form to make a referral to the team. If your concerns are urgent and are a level 4 please call 0345 050 7666 after you’ve complete the form. This call will be taken in our Customer Service Centre who will direct your call. You will be able to download a PDF copy of the form once you’ve submitted it.

What should be included in a referral safeguarding?

3. Making a ReferralAll known details of the child, including name, date of birth, family members and address;Any known aliases of adults in family/household;Previous addresses;Any relevant history relating to child or adult family/household members;Factual information about the concern, observation;More items…

What is a mash report social services?

When someone reports a concern to the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) team they make assessment of the risk to the child and make a decision on what to do to best protect that child. … Information received about children who are already in the social care system will be directed to their social worker.

Do police inform social services?

If the children were present during the incident which led to you calling the police, then the police are obliged to send a report to social services. They do this to make sure the children are protected.

What are the 7 golden rules of information sharing?

Necessary, proportionate, relevant, accurate, timely and secure: Ensure that the information you share is necessary for the purpose for which you are sharing it, is shared only with those people who need to have it, is accurate and up-to-date, is shared in a timely fashion, and is shared securely.