Quick Answer: What Does Unlimited Power Mean?

Is an example of a country with an unlimited government system?

Our Constitution allows “We the People” unique power to limit our government.

Yet, many people around the world live under unlimited governments that have been formed or sustained by force.

Examples of unlimited governments include authoritarian, like Iran, and totalitarian regimes, like North Korea..

What is another term for unlimited government?

1 boundless, countless, endless, extensive, great, illimitable, immeasurable, immense, incalculable, infinite, limitless, stellar (informal) unbounded, vast.

What is another word for unlimited?

Unlimited Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for unlimited?boundlessendlessinfinitelimitlessgreatillimitableunboundedimmeasurableimmensevast196 more rows

What are 3 types of unlimited government?

Absolute Monarchy- This is where there is a king and/or queen and one of them has all the power. Dictatorship- This is where there is one person, not royalty, that has complete control of citizens. Usually has an army to enforce laws.

Which word means almost the same as infinite?

SYNONYMS. boundless, unbounded, unlimited, limitless, without limit, without end, never-ending, interminable, cosmic. measureless, immeasurable, fathomless, unfathomed, bottomless.

What are 3 examples of an unlimited form of government?

Examples are Cuba, Algeria, Gabon,Libya, Republic of China, North Korea. Having complete control over people’s lives. (complete political,social,and cultural control over their subjects. For example: Hitler in Nazi Germany.

What countries are unlimited government?

An unlimited government such as the human countries of North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Vietnam and China, is one where one person or a small group of people controls everything; it controls people’s lives. The government’s power has no limits.

How are limited and unlimited governments the same?

Limited governments are constitutional, giving the citizens their rights and freedoms, but unlimited have no trial. Everyone , including the leaders and authorities, must always obey the laws they have enforced in democracies, while a leader or group has total control over locations with unlimited governments.

What word means unlimited power?

adj having unlimited power Synonyms: almighty, omnipotent powerful.

What is the opposite of unlimited?

Opposite of limitless or without bounds. constrained. narrow. defined. finite.

What does the definition of unlimited government mean?

Unlimited Government: Control is placed entirely in the leader’s hands and his/her appointees. No limit is placed on the leader’s power. Government has no or weak Constitution. Ex: Monarchy, Dictatorship, Theocracy, Oligarchy.

What does all power mean?

: having complete power : able to do anything.

What is another word for limitless?

SYNONYMS FOR limitless unbounded, measureless, unending, countless.

What type of government has unlimited power?

absolute monarchyAn absolute monarchy is a form of government where one person has unlimited power. This person gained power because they were born into a royal family. In these monarchies the king or queen had total power over the government and its citizens.

What does infinite power mean?

adj. a having no limits or boundaries in time, space, extent, or magnitude.