Quick Answer: What Can I Do Instead Of Electronics?

What can you do at home without technology?

50 Things to Do As a Family Without TechnologyCook dinner together.Visit your local Ronald McDonald House and cook dinner or bake cookies for the families.Do a jigsaw puzzle.Take a walk.Have a family picnic.Take a bike ride.Play Frisbee.Volunteer.More items…•.

How do I pass time alone?

Here’s what they said:Talk to your favorite fictional characters. … Take a boozy bath. … Read a book in total silence. … Try traveling alone. … Just sit quietly with nothing — not even your phone or a book — to keep you company. … Take yourself on a date and enjoy not having to make conversation.More items…•

How can I entertain myself at home?

28 Free or Cheap Ways to Entertain Yourself At HomeWatch a program on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.Read a new book. … Reread an old book.Watch YouTube animal videos.Exercise (It’s free and it’s good for you).Turn to Pinterest for D.I.Y. and inspired upcycling ideas.Play your favorite music and get up and dance. … Write reviews for your Amazon purchases.More items…

How can I entertain myself without electronics?

100 Things Teenagers Can Do Without ScreensBake something new from a cookbook.Find something in your room that you enjoyed when you were younger and try it again, just for fun.Figure out what’s a mile or less from your home, and walk to one interesting place.Play a board game.Color, draw, or paint.Walk a dog (yours or a neighbor’s).More items…

How can you pass time without electronics?

20 Genius Ways to Kill Time without a SmartphoneZone out.Settle some Catan.Read.Listen to music.Meditate.Practice mindfulness.Get in a workout.Shop.More items…•

How do you kill time in quarantine?

If you are still having trouble finding something, here are twenty ways you can kill time while in quarantine.Have a movie marathon. … Clean your room. … Go for a walk. … Make a TikTok. … Start a YouTube channel. … (Re-)unlock everything on Mario Kart. … Get ahead on your classwork. … Read a book.More items…•

How do you kill time in class?

Actually try and pay attention to your teacher.Sleep/Take a nap.Go on Quora.Doodle on your notebook.Write down your thoughts.Doodle some more.Ask to go to the bathroom.Play with your hands.More items…

What do you do without a device?

100 things you can do without a smartphone:Talk to your neighbor.Read a book.Play at the park.Go for a walk.Kiss someone you love.Make risotto.Plant a garden.Pick vegetables from your garden.More items…•

What can I do without electronics at night?

Read a book, a magazine or a newspaper.Write a page in a journal or a gratitude journal – 10 things I’m grateful for.Go for a walk.Enjoy a tranquil bike ride.Organise your week.Talk to your housemate, partner, children about their day.Enjoy time with friends.Have a bath or a shower.More items…•

What do you do when you quarantine without electronics?

Pick up a book, learn a new skill or do some exercise. Sing and dance around your living room, bake some cookies or cupcakes, or pamper yourself with a mini at-home spa day. Write letters to people you love or friends you haven’t seen in a while. Gather your family to play board games or do jigsaw puzzles.

What should I do late at night in bed?

On average, it takes about 14 minutes to fall asleep….10 Fun things to do when you can’t sleepClean the house. … Finish your project. … Read a book. … Watch a TV show or movie. … Check out social media. … Write in a journal. … Organize something. … Listen to music.More items…•

What should a teenage girl do when bored?

Activities for your bored teenagerMake a bucket list. Our oldest did this with her BFF and you don’t wanna know what’s on it! … Play games or play cards. Especially our youngest loves to play games. … Bake cookies or a cake. … Doing a puzzle. … Go on a teenage scavenger hunt. … Make Fall art. … Make bath bombs. … Read a book.More items…•

What can you do other than electronics?

50 things to do as a family without technologyCook dinner together.Go to the library.Do a puzzle.Take a walk.Have a family picnic.Play Frisbee.Volunteer.Go swimming.More items…•

How do I entertain my child without a TV?

Play a music or story CD. Kids will often entertain themselves if they’ve got a pleasant voice to listen to. Keep it fresh. Put some toys up for a week or two, and then swap them out every so often.

How can I entertain my child without electronics?

Try putting some limits on electronics with these fun activities….Get OutsideTake a walk around the neighborhood with the dogs.Roller blade around cones in a parking lot on a sunny day.Head to the park or a field to fly a kite.Jump rope in the driveway.Go on an outdoor scavenger hunt.